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It is possible to register directly to the INTERNATIONAL INDOOR 24 HOURS by filling up this form. Registration will be accepted only if all fields of the form will be filled, and it will be confirmed by SPORT ARCO E FRECCE-CAM  to the E-Mail address you will  type in the appropriate field.


Club  :    Country:


Telephone:     Fax:

Name of the Team: Classe:
Family Name Given Name Class Div. Year of birth

Name of the person filling the form:   


Pressing the SEND button, you automatically accept all the rules of the Competition you are registering to, and you will have these rules accepted by the Team Members, as well as you declare to be an authorized person to register the team in behalf of your Club
In case of doubts or need for information, please DO NOT send this form, but a message to our  E-mail address.


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