50 Mt. Match Round

Experimental competition approved by FITA

Preliminary rules


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The 50 Mt. Match Round consists of a ranking round of 27 arrows at 50 Mt. on 122 cm face for all classes and divisions, shot in order to divide all participants into Flights of 8 shooters, independently from their class, and a Round Robin, also shot at the same distance and on the same target face, of seven matches of 9 arrows in each flight, in order to determine the podium positions for each flight.

In short:

        Divisions accepted: Recurve, Compound, Bare Bow, Standard

        Classes accepted: All classes of sex and age will compete altogether in the same Division.

        Number of arrows in the ranking round: 9 ends of 3 arrows each, total 27 arrows

        Number of arrows in the matches: 7 matches of 9 arrows each, total 63 arrows

        Total number of arrows in the competition: 90 arrows, for total maximum 900 points

        Ranking procedure: archers are ranked in each Division by points, hits, gold's, X's (as usual)

        Archers are then repositioned on targets as follow: archers ranked 1-4 to target one of that division, archers 5-8 to target two and so on.

        In case of tie in the ranking round for the archers ranked 8/9, 16/17 etc. in each division, organizers will decide flight assignment.

        Assignment to flights and targets should consider to have a minimum of 2 archers in one target and a minimum of 4 archers in one flight. That means that divisions with less than 4 archers will not be eligible to compete, and that organizers will arrange at their discretion the last 2 or more flights in the ranking of each division in order to comply with said minimum.

        In each flight, each archer will shot 7 matches of 3 ends of 3 arrows each.

        Matches will be shot in the following sequence ( considering target 1 and 2 as of the same flight):

A1-A2 B1-B2 C1-C2 D1-D2

A1-B2 B1-C2 C1-D2 D1-A2

A1-C2 B1-D2 C1-A2 D1-B2

A1-D2 B1-A2 C1-B2 D1-C2

A1-B1 C1-D1 A2-B2 C2-D2

A1-C1 B1-D1 A2-C2 B2-D2

A1-D1 B1-C1 A2-D2 B2-C2

        Result of the matches will be decided by score, hits, gold's and X's. Matches won will give 2 points, tied 1 point and lost 0 points. Byes will be given for matches without competitor, that will anyhow score 0 points.

        Maximum of wins will have therefore 14 points total.

        Podium in each flight will be determined by the total of the match points. In case of tie, total cumulated score including the ranking round ( an then hits, gold's, X's) will break the tie.

        In total, each competitor will shoot 90 arrows at 50 Mt. on 122 cm face, thus getting a Grand Total Score comparable to that of a FITA 900 Round. Organizers may also reward top 3 GTS of each Division.

        Scorecard for the 27 ranking arrows should be a standard one from any of the FITA Target or Indoor Competitions..

        Scorecard for the flights should be as per enclosed samples , were scorecards 1-1 and 1-2 will be for target one in each flight, and scorecards 2-1 and 2-2 will be for target 2 in each flight.



Issue 1.01

V. Frangilli - 4 March 2000