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·        Location:

·        Central hall of the "BUSTO ARSIZIO" Exhibition Centre located in CASTELLANZA (VA) - ITALY, Viale Borri, and easy to reach from the exit  CASTELLANZA on A8  Motorway  from Milano to Laghi.and Varese.


·        Program:

·        Opening Ceremony on Saturday, DECEMBER, 8th, at 13:00

·        Parade of the standards and flags of the Clubs

·        Hoisting of the national flags and nationals anthems

·        Competition Start:              Saturday,             DECEMBER, 8th, at 14:00

·        Competition End:                Sunday,             DECEMBER, 9th, at 14:00

·        Prize giving Ceremony:            Sunday,            DECEMBER, 9th, at 15:00


·        Competition Rules:

·        Competition for Teams of three shooters, at 18 meters on triple triangular indoor targets (Las Vegas faces) . Compound division scores the bigger ten, too.

·        Series of three arrows in two minutes , as per FITA/IFAA rules, with one shooter per team shooting , only. The team members can change the order of shooting between them at any time and even replace the shooter during the same series.

·        No training or sighting arrows, no extra time for technical problems, no stops.

·        Some archery games will break the competition, only.


·        Classes

·        Olympic/Recurve Bow FITA (could be with members of any age or sex)

·        Compound Bow FITA (could be with members of any age or sex)

·        Bare Bow FITA (could be with members of any age or sex)

·        Long Bow and Bowhunter Recurve IFAA (could be with members of any age or sex)

·        Juniors Olympic, with age up to 18 years (could be with members of any sex)

·        Other classes if registered in the minimum number of 15 teams in the Class or Division ( please specify exact class and division on the Registration form).

·        To easier the completion of the teams, each team may be completed with shooters from other Clubs, provided that the three members bear the same uniform.

·        Archers that are alone and would like to find at least another archer in order to compete, are accepted in a special waiting and matching list.

·        Each Archery Club can register an unlimited number of teams, and each team can use a different uniform and a different specific name.


·        Available facilities:

·        Sleeping hall (no facilities)

·        Self Service Restaurant ,  Bar over 24 hours

·        Internal Parking for Campers and  Roulottes ( night of the 8th, only)

·        Hotels in the neighbourhood (see Hotel list).

·        No stop Music and various surprises


·        Prizes:

·        Souvenir (pin) and T-shirt to all Shooters

·        Special prizes to the most beautiful Club Flag and to the best Team Uniform.

·        Minimum prizes:  1st/2nd/3rd/4th/5th/10th/20th/30th/40th/etc./last  Olympic and Compound teams, 1st/2nd/3rd Bare Bow, Long Bow and Junior Olympic  teams,  as well as special prizes for the archery games.

·        Prize to the first Club ( Based on total score of best  Compound +Olympic + Junior  team for each Club).

·        Prizes for a total commercial value over  € 15.000, with prizes for each of the members of the winning teams.

·        Bows, TV, HI-FI, Archery accessories and other value prizes


·        Registration fee:

·        Registration received before October, 31, 2001:

·           €147.00 per Team (€ 49.00 each shooter if less than 3 in the team) for Olympic, Compound, Bare Bow or Long Bow teams

·           €73.50 (€ 24.50 each shooter if less than 3 in the team) for Junior Olympic teams

·        Registration received after November,1, 2001

·           €171.00 per Team (€ 57.00 each shooter if less than 3 in the team) for Olympic, Compound, Bare Bow or Long Bow teams

·           €85.50 (€ 28.50 each shooter if less than 3 in the team) for Junior Olympic teams

·        Registrations can not be cancelled after November, 23, 2001

·        Registration fees have to be paid by the responsible of each Club for all the teams registered, in advance or at the arrival at the competition hall, preferable by check in Euro drawn to the name of CAM - Compagnia Arcieri Monica - Gallarate. Checks in different currencies than Euro will not be accepted.


Maximum 200 Teams. Register immediately !!!
On Line Registration form
Download the registration form in .pdf format
Download the program of the competition in .pdf (1.9 Mb) format
Phone: +39-0331-799101
Fax: +39- 0331-700693
E-Mail :

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Suggested Hotels :

Motel PAGODA         Via Edison, 11                        LEGNANO                        Ph. +39- 0331- 548131
                                 300 mt from Exhibition Centre               suburbs of Legnano and Castellanza

VILLA ELISABETH      Via Saronno, 4                        CASTELLANZA                 Ph. +39- 0331- 441559
                            2 Km from Exhibition Centre                 border between Legnano and Castellanza

Hotel ASTORIA           Viale Duca d’Aosta, 14            BUSTO ARSIZIO                Ph. +39- 0331- 636422
                             3 Km from Exhibition Centre                downtown Busto Arsizio

Albergo MAZZINI          Piazza Manzoni, 1                  BUSTO ARSIZIO                Ph. +39- 331- 631715/631517
                                  3 Km from Exhibition Centre                downtown Busto Arsizio

Hotel ESPAÑA            Via Boccaccio, 174                 BUSTO ARSIZIO                        Ph. +39- 0331- 351344
                                  1 Km from Exhibition Centre                border between Castellanza and Busto Arsizio

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