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Many have been our members that have distinguished themself during the story of our Club, achieving good results at National and International level.
Their names are recorded into the Gold Book of our Club, that is divided in different sections:

Gold Book                    The Italian Champions 

Silver Book                  The Silver Medallists at the Italian Championships 

Bronze Book                  The Bronze Medallists at the Italian Championships

Azure Book                   All the members of the Italian National (Azur) team

European and World Book      All members of the Italian Team at the European 
                             and World Championships, the World Games and the Univeriads

Olympic Book                 All member of the Italian Team at the Olimpic Games, 
                             or included in the Olimpic Team selections
Joungers Book                All partecipants to the National Phase of the Students Games

Tables summarizing our successfull performancies are available HERE !

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