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In December, 1972, a group of friends interested to the "new" sport of Archery, contacted the Italian Federation FITARCO, at that time located in Milano, and decided to establish a new Archery Club.

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One of the founders, Giulio Velati, owner of the weapons store located in via Mazzini in Gallarate, become the first President. Another of the founders, Giampiero Milani, allowed the Club to use one field of his property, located in an area in Casorate Sempione called "La Monica". The Club was therefore founded with the name


and registered by FITARCO as 23rd Club in Italy and the first one in the Varese province, in April, 1973, with the FITARCO code 04MONI, that after become the present code 04/020.

In May, 1973, at the presence of the president of FITARCO, Francesco Gnecchi Rusconi, and of the official instructor of FITARCO and European Champion Luigi Fiocchi, the field of the Club was officially opened and the Club started its activity.

In 1975 was held for the first time the Tournament of the Cockerel .

In 1980, Compagnia Arcieri Monica organized the Italian Field Championship on the terrain of motocross track of the Ciglione della Malpensa (in front of Milano malpesa Airport).

In 1991 the Club Sport Arco e Frecce of Sumirago (04/058) was absorbed, and the name of the Compagnia Arcieri Monica was changed to :


In 1992 the Club has been awarded by FITARCO with the Bronze Star for Sport merits, because of the 5 Italian Champioships won.

In 1994, the Club has reached the 10 Championships won, and has been awarded by FITARCO with the Silver Star for Sport merits.

In 1995, finally, the 20 Championships titles were overcome and the Gold Star has been awarded by FITARCO.

In 1995, the International Indoor 24 Hours was held for the first time.

In 1996 for the first time, one athlete from the Club, Michele Frangilli, has participated to the Atlanta Olympic Games, winning the Bronze medal with the Italian team.

In 1999, FITA has assigned to the Club the task to organize the VI World Indoor and I Junior World Indoor Championships to be held in March, 2001. The Championships at the end will not be held.

In 1999 the Club reaches the number of 40 Italian Champion Titles, getting the second Gold Star by FITARCO.

At the beginning of 2000, for the first time the Olympic Bow Women Team, with Elena Maffioli, Anna Moschini and Elena Sartori, has won an Absolute Italian Champion Title (Indoor)

In 2000 for the second time Michele Frangilli has participated to the Olympic Games (Sydney), winning the Silver medal in the Team Event.

The extraordinary Congress held on March, 31, 2001, has decided to get back using again as official name of the club  


On April, 5, 2002, the new training field in Gallarate, via XX Marzo, has been officially opened.

During the FITARCO national congress of April, 7, 2002, the Club has been awarded by the FITARCO Platinum Star for Sport merits for the more than 50 Italian Champion  titles won by its members.

On January 25, 2003, during the annual official Dinner, the club has celebrated its 30 years from the foundation, witht he presence of FITARCO President Mr. Mario Scarzella. 

In July, 2002, Michele Frangilli is the first member of the club and first Italian to win the title of FITA Outdoor Target World Champion for the Olympic Bow  in New York City.

During the Italian target Championships 2003, the Club reaches and goes over the 60 Italian Champion titles, allowing to sew to the shirts the third FITARCO Gold Star.

In 2004, Michele Frangilli participates for the third time to the Olympic Games (Athens)

The 21st of March 2005 Paola Mignolli Frangilli, Secretary and Tresaures since 1987,  passes away 

During the FITARCO national congress of January, 22, 2006, the Club has been awarded by the FITARCO Rubinum Star for Sport merits for the more than 75 Italian Champion  titles won by its members, and during the Italian Indoor Championships 2006, the Club has reached the 80 Italian Champion titles, allowing to sew to the shirts the fourth FITARCO Gold Star.

In 2007, the Club has organized one leg of the FITA Wolrd Cup and European Grand Prix at the Hyppodrome of Varese, and the competition is won by Michele Frangilli

In  2012, Carla Frangilli competes for the first time with the Ivory Coast National Team and particpates tot he African Olympic Qulify Tournament

On July, 28, 2012, Michele Frangilli wins the Team Gold Medal at the London Olympic Games




On January, 12, 2014 during the annual official dinner, th eclub has celebrated its 40 years form the foundation, at the presence of four out of five of the presidents of the club during the period  and of the Major of the town of Gallarate. 


The 31st of March 2014 Tommasa Pisanello Maffioli , Secretary since 2009,  passes away 


These have been the presidents of our Club, up to January 2013:

Ambrosiano Tournament - Monza, October 1975

1973-1977 Giulio Velati

1977-1983 VittorioForti

1983-1987 Giulio Diolaiti

1987-2013 Vittorio Frangilli

2013 - Emilio Mecchina

The Secretaries;

1973 - 1977 Giulio Wagner
1977 - 1987 Vittorio Frangilli
1987 - 2005 Paola Mignolli
2005 - 2006 Massimo Marangoni
2006 - Marco Tonetti
2007 - 2008 - Lorena Rech
2009 - 2014  Tommasa Pisanello
2014 - Antonella Fracchiolla

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