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Many have been the Competitions organized by Sport Arco e Frecce CAM during 1996. Herebelow you'll find a brief description of all of them,

VII 25 Mt Indoor Tournament - Gallarate, 17 and 18 February 1996
130 partecipants, with prizes in electronic goods of high value; Olimpic Bow winner has been Imerio Seretti of Arcieri Bresciani and Compound winner Luciano Ravazzani of Arcieri di Castiglione Olona .

XVII 900 Round "Cockerel Tournament" - Gallarate, 28 April and 1 May 1996
The most classic of the Gallarate competitions, for the second year has been divided in two different competitions, with the first one for the Compound Bow, only. 70 partecipants in the Compound Competition and 160 in the Olimpic and Bare Bow competition.
The tournaments gets his name from the elimination round that is held at the end of the official 900 round competition and is shot using special rules on special targets with three cockerels designed on them, and that gets inspiration from the Cock, that is the official symbol of the town of Gallarate.
The 900 round has been won this year by Michele Frangilli  of our Club for the Olimpic Bow, and by De Petri Giuseppe of Arcieri Valtellina for th Compound bow, while the tournament of the Cocklet went to Ambrogio Anelli of Arcieri della Martesana for the Olimpic Bow and to Michele Bertini of the Arcieri della Valtellina for the Compound bow-

The FITA tournament for youngers in FITARCO calendar for the 7th of September 1996 has been cancelled because of the Italian Championship for Allievi and Ragazzi at the same date.

V FITA Tournament Sport Arco e Frecce CAM - Olgiate Olona, 15 September 1996
Frankly uexpected the succes of this competition, wit 94 partecipants and a beautiful sunshine day with no wind at all and fantastic scores. Competition has been won in the Olimpic bow by Michele Frangilli with its new personal record of 1343 points, and in the Compound bow by Armando Vassalli of Arcieri della Martesana with 1314 points and Anna Campagnoli of ALTA Como with 1308 . Program of the Competition is here, and full results are available here.

VIII 25 Mt Tournament - Gallarate, 30 November and 1 December 1996
Not many partecipants to this competition, as only 107 attended in total, probably because the 25 mt. is no more so popular. Anyhow, two italian records have been scored: the Ragazzi team from arcieri del Sole and the Master Compound team from the Arcieri di Castiglione Olona.
Program available here, and Results here

II INTERNATIONAL 24 HOURS Sport Arco e Frecce C.A.M. - Castellanza, 7 and 8 December 1996
Fantastic success of this edition, far beyond any expectation. 128 teams from four nations (were 94 teams in 1995) have competed, for an event full again of music, amusement and very high scores.
All the details available at the
Page of the 24 Hours

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