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Our training sites are the new training field, located in Via XXII Marzo in  Gallarate (VA) with entrance from Via Val Grande, and the gymnasium of  in Viale dell'Unione Europea 30  in Gallarate (VA).

The Training Field

The training field is open since April 5, 2002 and consists of a ground of about 110 x 50 mt with possibility to shoot at all FITA target distancies, plus an area specifically dedicated to the training for Field Archery and to the beginners courses. .

Field is open 365 days/year with free access to club members.

The Gymnasium

The gymnasium located in Viale dell'Unione europea 30 in Gallarate  is 30 mt long and 20 mt large, allowing six xhooting lanes, and has an additional 60 sq mt floor for various activities.
The gymnasium is open 365 days a year, 24 hours/ day and is free for club members.


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