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How many times you have heard about the name of some top shooter, may be from USA or from Australia, and you have had the couriosity to see him and the way he shoots?
Well,  click herebelow and we hope you'll be satisfied ! And if your preferred shooter is not listed, yet, just E-mail us and we will try to add him to the tabale asap.
If you have pictures of famous archers available in the same format as the one we use ( hold and follow trough), E-Mail them to us , and if they will beaccepted, based on our judgement only, we will publish them. 



Name Nation Name Nation Name Nation Name Nation
Johnson, Richard USA96 Parker, Denise USA99 Wilde, Dee USA97 Van Natta, Jamie USA97
Huish, Justin USA96     Button, Jeff USA97    
White, Rodney USA96     Ragsdale, Terry USA97 Ragsdale, Michelle USA97
Mc Kinney, Rick USA98         Ragsdale, Michelle USA98
Wunderle, Vic USA99     Cousins, Dave USA98 Pearson, Becky USA98
        Cousins, Dave USA99    
Frangilli, Michele ITA97 Valeeva, Natalia ITA97        
Frangilli, Michele ITA98 Valeeva, Natalia ITA99 Tosco, Antonio ITA97 Palazzini, Fabiola ITA97
Frangilli, Michele ITA01     Tosco, Antonio ITA01    
Frangilli, Michele ITA01            
Frangilli, Michele  ITA03            
Bisiani Matteo ITA97     Ruele Mario ITA97 Pisano, Serena ITA97
    Franchini Irene ITA02 Ruele Mario ITA02 Solato Giorgia  ITA02
        Palumbo, Michele ITA97 Pernazza, Cristina ITA97
    Kurivishvili, Khatuna GEO99 Palumbo, Michele ITA99 Peracino, Francesca ITA99
        Mazzi, Stefano ITA04    
Fairwether, Simon AUS97     Freeman, Clint AUS97    
Fear, Jackson AUS97            
Torres, Lionel FRA97     Laury, Jean Paul FRA Pellen, Catherine FRA98
Flute, Sebastian FRA97            
    Nasaridze, Natalia TUR96 Lundin, Morgan SWE01 Ericksson, Petra SWE97
            Chao, Er Ying TPE97
    Wang, Xiaozhu CHN96 Wedel, Juan CRC97 Shish, Ya Ping TPE99
    Hess, Lin NOR99 Boe, Morten NOR99 Huang, Chong Yu TPE99
Park, Kyung Mo KOR03            
IM, Dong Hyun KOR03            
Hong, Sun Chil KOR99 Lee, Eum Kyung KOR99        
Kim, Kyung Ho KOR97            
Jang, Yong Ho KOR97     Henriksen, Tom DEN98    
Jang, Yong Ho KOR99            
Kim, Bo Ram KOR97     Baldur, Niels DEN98    
Lipponen, Jari FIN97     Frankauser, Simon SUI98    
Shales, Jonathan GBR98 Williamson, Allison GBR97 Penner, Peter GER98    
    Williamson, Allison GBR03        
Van Alten, Wietse NED03     Elzinga, Peter NED04    
        Sitar, Dejan SLO97    
Tsyrempilov, Baljinima RUS03            
    Lewis, Kirstin RSA03        
Yamamoto, Hiroshi JAP03            

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