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The bests .... not ever they are, but surely enough to be registered in our Gold Book and therefore they need to be duly honored by us

andre1.jpg (63241 byte)Andrea Ardenti mauro2.jpg (38798 byte)Mauro Ardenti paol1.jpg (61318 byte)Paola Ardenti
Flavio98-1a.jpg (20161 byte)Flavio Diolaiti mikr3-1.jpg (34885 byte)Michele Frangilli (Home Page) franz1.jpg (34501 byte)Elena Franzosi
Elena_Nimes2001_1A_lowres.jpg (28893 byte)Elena Maffioli (Home Page) must40.jpg (113235 byte)Manuela Mustafa' Sartori_Fita99.jpg (18137 byte)Elena Sartori
Tarelli_Fita99.jpg (20384 byte)Andrea Tarelli Caorle_2002_Carla1_LR.jpg (29119 byte)Carla Frangilli

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