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Sport Arco e Frecce CAM organizes every year several competitions that are already become "Classics" in the Italian and International archery world.

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IV  18 mt. Indoor Tournament - Gallarate (VA)- 29 and 30 January 2000
Tournament reserved to the Senior and Master Classes. Prizes in Electronic products. 98 partecipants, with the grat victory of both our Olympic and Compound teams.
The program ( Italian Only) is available here.

The results are available here.

III 18 mt. Indoor Tournament for under 18 - Gallarate (VA)- 29 and 30 January 2000
Tournament  for under 18, only. Prizes in Electronic products. 54 partecipants, with the victory of our Olympic Under 18  team.
The program ( Italian Only) is available here.

The results are available here.

I st  50 MT MATCH ROUND Tournament - Gallarate, 30 April  2000
An experimental competition approved by FITA, in its first world edition. Matches at 50 mt on 122 cm targets, but without any elimination. Results and comments from this competition will be used to write the final version of the Rules of this Competition. 57 partecipants from 15 Clubs for a great success.
Here the Program

The results are available here.

XXI 900 Round "Cockerel Tournament" - Gallarate (VA), 1st  May 2000
The most Classical and Famous of our competitions.
The tournaments gets his name from the elimination round that is held at the end of the official 900 round competition and is shot using special rules on special targets with three cockerels designed on them, and that gets inspiration from the Cock, that is the official symbol of the town of Gallarate. After several years, held in one day only, with the tournament of the Cockerel shot at the same time by Olympic and Compound shooters, with 104 partecipants from 25 Clubs.
Here the Program

The results are available here.

IX Sport Arco e Frecce CAM  FITA Star Tournament- Olgiate Olona (VA), 3 September 2000

Again on the  beautiful ground of the Olgiate Olona Athletic track,  the most classical competition: the  FITA , shot also this time from short to long distances. 53 partecipants only, but  representing 19 clubs. Winner in the Olympic Bow has been Alberto alciati of the Astarco Club, and winner in the Compound Bow has been Carlo Barera of By Bernardiny Club, winner of the '99 edition, too. Excellent the result of our Elena Sartori in the Ragazze Class, that has ended at 1319 points total her fantastic competition.
Here the program
And here the results

XII 25 Mt Tournament - Gallarate (VA), 25 and 26 November 2000

Traditional Indoor at 25 mt. 96 participants with absolute  winners Antonio Titone of Mirasole Ambrosiana for the Olympic Bow  and our Roberto Origgi for Compound Bow.
Here the program (Italian only)
Here the results

III  25 Mt Indoor Tournament for under 18 - Gallarate (VA), 
26 November 2000
Tournament  for Under 18, only. 45 participants, with absolute winner for Olympic Bow Luca Caruso of Arcieri del Sole
Here the program (Italian only)
Here the results

Open  18 mt. World Indoor Tournament - Castellanza (VA), 11 Marzo 2001

A traditional 18 mt indoor tournament open to all archers that would like to try to shoot in the same condition of the participants to the World Indoor Championships and toghether with many of them.
Here the program of the Competition


VI  International 24 Hours  Sport Arco e Frecce C.A.M. - Castellanza (VA), December 2001
Yes, year 2001, as at the end of the 2000 we will be involved in organizing the 2001 INDOOR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP.
All the details o f the previous editions in the  Page of the 24 Hours

Calendar of other  2001 competitons
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