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Sport Arco e Frecce CAM organizes every year several competitions that are already become "Classics" in the Italian and International archery world.

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Otherwise, here is the introduction of 1998 competitions:

II  18 mt. Indoor Tournament - Gallarate (VA)- 31 January and 01 February 1998
After the good success of the 1997 edition, we have continued  with the 18 mt. tournamnet, this time reserved to Seniores and Masters only with 140 partecipants. Absolute winner in the Olympic Division  our Michele Frangilli with 592 points, and in the Compound Division Giuseppe De Petri of Arcieri Valtellina with 578 points.
The program ( Italian Only) is available here.
The results here.

I 18 mt. Indoor Tournament for under 18- Gallarate (VA)-  01 February 1998

First edition of the 18 mt. tournament for under 18, only, with 51 partecipants and some very good results.
The program ( Italian Only) is available here.
The results here.

XIX 900 Round "Cockerel Tournament" - Gallarate (VA), 26 April and 1 May 1997
The most Classical and Famous of our competitions.
The tournaments gets his name from the elimination round that is held at the end of the official 900 round competition and is shot using special rules on special targets with three cockerels designed on them, and that gets inspiration from the Cock, that is the official symbol of the town of Gallarate.
For the fourth year, the Compound Competition has been held separately on April, 26, toghether, for the first time, with the Bare Bow competiton. 63 partecipants, with excellent results. Carlo Barera of Arcieri del Roccolo and Anna Campagnoli of ALTA Como have established the new Italian Absolute Records for Compound Division. Paolo Sormani of Mirasole Ambrosiana has been the winner of the Cockerel tournament, beating in the final Anna Campagnoli, winner of 1997 edition.
On May, 1st, the Olympic Competition has seen a lot of missing partecipants,as of the bad wether forecast, with 88 partecipants only, but with a lot of joungs and giovanissimi. The competition has been instead held without one drop of rain, and has been honoured by a couple of Italian Records. Absolute winner, our  Michele Frangilli , that for the first time has won both the 900 Round and the Cockerel Tournament, beating in the final Gian Luca Zanotta of the Arcieri Lariani, winner of the 1997 edition.
The program ( Italian Only) is available here.
Here the results of the competition of April, 26.
Here the results of the competition of May, 1

GIOCHI DELLA GIOVENTU' 1998 -  VARESE PROVINCE - Gallarate, 2 May 1998
The Giochi della Gioventu' of the Varese Province have been back at Garden 2 on a nice Saturday. 58 childen and boys from 5 of the Clubs of the Province  have partecipated to the exciting competition.
Here the  Final Results.

VII Sport Arco e Frecce CAM  FITA Tournament- Olgiate Olona (VA), 6 September 1998
Originally in the National Calendar for September, 13, it seems that has well profited of the new schedule as as many as 104 archers from Lomabrdia, Piemonte and Switzerland have partecipated on the  beutiful ground of the Olgiate Olona Athletic track in the most classical competition: the  FITA , shot also this time from short to long distances. Winner in the Olympic Bow Men has been Michele Frangilli from our club, while the Men Compound winner has been Michele Bertini of the Arcieri Valtellina. At the end of the competition, the third edition of the Super Final Trophy at the maximum distances, between i the top two in the Olympic and Compound men and Women classes.
The program of the competition is available here.
The full results are here.

X 25 Mt Tournament - Gallarate (VA), 28 and 29 November 1998
78 archers have competed in this tournament, were 4 Italian records have been beaten. Winners of the Olympic division has been Marino Bergna of Arcieri Airone, while Giuseppe De Petri of the Arcieri Valtellina has been the winner in the Compound Division.
The program of the competition ( Italian only) is 'available here.
The results are here.

I  25 Mt Indoor Tournament for under 18 - Gallarate (VA), 29 November 1998
52 archers of the different under 18 classes have competed at the unusual distance of 25 mt.
The program of the competition ( Italian only) is 'available here.
The results are here.

IV  International 24 Hours  Sport Arco e Frecce C.A.M. - Castellanza (VA), 5 and 6 December 1998
And it was born as a joke.... 94 teams in 1995, 128 teams in 1996, 143 teams in 1997 and 146 teams from 4 nations in this again growing edition !!!!
All the details in the  Page of the 24 Hours

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